Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards

Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards, located in San Diego, CA has been facilitating adventurous kayaking tours to Baja for paddlers of all levels for over 20 years! Hundreds of beginners have discovered the excitement of rock gardening on sit-on-tops, and experienced kayakers have enjoyed the kayakers wonderland that Baja is!

As co-sponsor of the event, Aqua Adventures hopes to share this incredible place with even more kayakers!

Baja Aquatics

Baja Aquatics is a full service kayak center on the Pacific Coast of Baja, offering everything from sit-on-top tours suitable for people with almost zero experience, to exciting rock gardening adventures and mini-expeditions suitable for all levels of sea kayakers. Baja Aquatics can also arrange accommodation transportation, and equipment rentals as needed. Experienced kayakers can explore on their own, or let owner Victor, introduce you to the place he grew up!

Baja Aquatics is a co-sponsor of the event and our gracious hosts in Baja!

Sea Kayak Baja Mexico

Sea Kayak Baja Mexico operates out of Loreto, Baja on the Sea of Cortez. They are the only company on the east coast of Baja that specializes in providing experienced kayakers with the top quality gear they are used to, as well as adventurous trips in a place that begs for adventurers! They are properly permitted and overflowing with local knowledge that is hard to find in the usual places. If you want to paddle the Sea of Cortez (and who wouldn't?), this is the place to start!

Sea Kayak Baja is supporting this event with time and labor.


Kokatat will generously be providing demo drysuits for those who don't have their own!

P&H Sea Kayaks

P&H produces a full range of sea kayaks in the United Kingdom. They are known for performance oriented kayaks and have recently become an innovative force leading the way in design and production of "play boats". This relatively new category of sea kayak are perfect for the modern paddler who is more likely to find a few hours a week for "park and play" along a local stretch of coast, than to find several weeks for an expedition.

P&H will generously be providing kayaks for coaches as well as for participants who are unable to bring their own boat, or who would simply like to try a design that will excel in these conditions!

Werner Paddles

Werner manufactures in the US some of the finest kayak, canoe, and SUP paddles available! An undeniable favorite of kayakers world wide!

Werner is shipping us a pile of paddles for coaches and participants who can't bring their own! Want to try one out? Just ask!

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